Natures Gentle Touch pampers consumers at the 2010 Lagos Trade Fair

Natures gentle touch takes love your hair experience to the Lagos international trade fair

Award-winning premium hair care brand is serenading consumers inside their exotic mobile salon at the on-going Lagos International Trade Fair. Visitors at the cubicle are offered an exciting hair and scalp experience by the Natures Gentle Touch’s ProTeam. From a free hair diagnosis with expert recommendations and treatment to a free hair pamper, which involves a scalp massage and a hair makeover, consumers are testifying to this awesome experience.

Speaking on the concept of their activation at the fair, the Executive Director for Recare Limited, owners of the brand, Ms. Ukachi Umah said that Natures Gentle Touch is basically reliving its personality at the fair. Our brand is empowering, fresh, personal, sassy and spirited, and this is what we want the consumers to experience. We are empowering the consumers with knowledge to make informed decisions on their beauty and personal style needs. We get them to check their hair status for free, and recommend solutions and treatment if they have problems. Due to the prevalent use of extensions, we are having more cases of dandruff, hair breakage and hair loss, so we have to educate consumers on proper hair care routine so that they can live a healthy hair side by side with their extension. For those who have healthy hair and scalp, we reward them with a free hair pamper, a wonderful experience that is aimed at making the consumer feel that sassiness about Natures Gentle Touch.

The consumers have been the best for it as they are rewarded with loads of Natures Gentle Touch  freebies in appreciation of their commitment to the brand which has seen it win two outstanding awards as the beauty brand of the year and the best Relaxer of the year.

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